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From the catalogue of Mariano Andreu’s engravings (lithography, etchings and other kind of image reproduction) you have the option to obtain information about one or more of his artwork. There are two different options regarding the type of information you can access about your selected artwork. The first one gives access to its fact sheet, which includes identifying data, a list of exhibitions in which it was presented and the documental sources, literary theme or bibliography that address the artwork. The second option offers a complete study which links the artwork to its historical context, to other artworks such as paintings, drawings, sketches, engravings that relate to it, reviews and some features that distinguished it.

Below there is an example which demonstrates the information you can access after selecting an artwork from the engravings catalogue:

Cléonthe-Still life (1927)

Cléonthe-Still life (1927)

Click on the chosen image from the engravings catalogue in order to obtain: the fact sheet, list of exhibitions in which this artwork participated, the literary theme and the documental and bibliographical sources. Example 1927-909F-a-model 

If there was any problem when acquiring the purchased file or if you need the document to be signed by the author of the catalogue raisonné, please contact us to the following email: cataleg@arsnostrum.com

Keep in mind that the image as well as the information you receive are subject to copyright and thus are meant for personal/private use only. Without the appropriate authorization you are not to spread or give away said documents. If you wish to do so, a permit can be issued by contacting us in the previously stated email address.

If as an art dealer, auctioneer or collector you would be interested to know more about one or more of the artwork gathered in our catalogue or one that is not on this website yet, you may contact us through the same email. After applying you are going to receive: information about the historical context, some reviews and the formal characteristics of the chosen artwork. Contact us cataleg@arsnostrum.com.

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